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Ice cappuccino
Variety of cold coffee beverages
Dark roast


You can thank 17th century Portuguese Catholic monks and their recycling efforts for the Pastel de Natas, or Portuguese custard tarts. To ensure crease-free habits, the monks and nuns used egg white for starching and avoided waste by using the precious yolks in their baking leading to the proliferation of the country’s sweet recipes.
Pasteis de Nata that we create at Jack’s maintain the traditional taste, texture and look of the original ones.


We prepare a substantial variety of all types of cakes and for all occasions. Hosting an event for 5 or for 5 thousand people? We have you covered: 2 specialized bakers can fulfill your most demanding order.
Black Forest
Strawberry Short Cake
Cheese Cake
Mocha Cake
Black Velvet Cake


At Jack’s we focus on the traditional way. We avoid anything that is not “natural”
These are just a small list of the breads we offer:
Pao de Agua (water bread)
Pao de Milho (corn bread)
Pao da Casa (sour dough)


Pizzas are our newest project.
This year, 2017 we offer a variety of Pizzas
From the traditional, Margherita,
Quattro Formaggi,
Hawaiian, etc.
To the less traditional dessert pizzas.
You owe it to yourself try one of these


We offer a variety of chesses imported from Portugal.
Some are:
•Azeitão cheese
•Queijo de Cabra Transmontano
•Pico cheese
•São Jorge cheese
•Serpa cheese
•Serra da Estrela cheese


Assorted selection of “salgadinhos”:
Pasteis de Bacalhau
Rissois de Camarao, Carne e Galinha
Rissois de filetes de Pescada, Leitao e Peru
Cochinhas Galinha
Those are also available for large events and can be delivered.


Jack’s is licensed by LLBO
Great selection of Portuguese wines:
Reds, Whites and Verdes
Beers: local and imported
Portuguese beers
Aguardentes velhas


Each day Jacks offers daily special
Main dishes, Soups & Salads
24 hours breakfast
Ham and cheese grilled sandwich
Steak on a bun (Prego no pao)
Steak on a place (Bitoque)
Francesinhas (original recipe)

Customer Reviews

“Really great pastries! I love their egg tarts.
The woman at the counter was really nice and helped me pick out a bunch of pastries for me and my boyfriend to try. Their macarons looked a little sad and left something to be desired but I feel like they only made them to keep up with the fad. Stick to Portuguese treats, they’re amazing!.”

“I love Jack’s.
From the moment you are stepping inside you feel that warm welcoming that only a European style bakery can give you.
This place is very welcoming and the service has been always super.
I would definitely recommend it..”

“I occasionally come here with friends for late-night coffee. Coffee is great, service is warm and welcoming, and they bake a vast selection of breads and pastries. Custard tarts are delicious and their loaves are fresh and crusty. Jack’s makes THE BEST TOSTA MISTA IN TOWN! Ham and cheese sandwiched in a bun that is grilled to perfect, crispy, perfection!!!.”


Our almonds are quite unique in Canada. Carefully selected and imported from Portugal.
Selection is based on their appearance, quality and finish.

Tortas Azeitao

Unique in Canada, Jacks Tortas de Azeitao consist of a sweet egg yolk paste spread on sheets of soft, sponge cake-like dough, sprinkled with cinnamon, and then rolled up and cut into about 3-inch by 1-inch thick rolls.

Pudim Abade Priscos

Abade Priscos pudding is a typical pudding of the parish of Priscos in Braga, Portugal. This pudding has a smooth delicate texture but an absolutely intense flavour.
Don’t let yourself be fooled by the bacon on this pudding, the Abbot of Priscos knew what he was doing! You get that incomparable taste of the yolks, wrapped with notes of Porto wine. It is velvety and melts in your mouth, vanishing. It’s divine!

Pastéis de Tentúgal

Also, unique in Canada, Jacks Pastéis de Tentúgal are Portuguese pastries that originated in Tentúgal, a tiny town halfway between Lisbon and Porto. These pastéis, created by Carmelite nuns in the 16th century, are packets of thin, flaky pastry filled with a rich egg custard and dusted with powdered sugar. They were crispy and buttery and eggy and just the right amount sweet.


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